Editing a home made DVD?

  pj123 15:55 12 Jul 06

I have some old analogue tapes taken on a VHS Camcorder (JVC, I think).

I have transferred them to a DVD via my Liteon DVD recorder.

I now want to get them transferred to my hard disk on the pc to be able to edit them and resave to DVD.

Can’t seem to find a way to do it. I have tried Pinnacle Studio, Sonic MyDVD, Ulead Movie Factory and Windows Movie Maker. All of which were “no go”.

Can someone tell me how to get them on to my hard disk please?

  Joe R 15:58 12 Jul 06


can't you just copy and paste them onto your H/D.?

Or is it possible you may have to finalize the disk in your DVD recorder, for your P.C. to read it.

  pj123 16:04 12 Jul 06

Joe R, ah that's something I haven't tried. Will give it a go.

Yes, the disk is finalised and plays fine on the PC.

  Confab 16:19 12 Jul 06

I found that my home recordings were copywrited by my DVD recorder. I just used DVD Decryptor to remove the copywrite and save to my HD. The software is free.

  john-232317 17:17 12 Jul 06

Nero will do it in "Make dvd" click import disc.

  pj123 17:52 12 Jul 06

dadyassa, "Make DVD" is not an option in my version of Nero

I have "Make Data DVD", "Make MP3 DVD", "Make WMA DVD", or "Copy DVD"

  john-232317 19:50 12 Jul 06

Mine is the same version, have you got cd/dvd in center box at top ? and six icons in the window.

Hilite the photo and video icon. You should have a menu of cd stuff on the left and a menu on the right for video and DVD, 4 in each.

Click make video and it will open up nerovision Express, it is in there, you put the DVD in the pkayer and copy it to edit it.

  Woolwell 20:03 12 Jul 06

Using Sonic MyDVD I can import files from a DVD disc - new project add files works for me. I've tried it with a commercial DVD but not one burnt on a stand-alone DVD recorder.

  pj123 12:12 15 Jul 06

dadyassa, that's the snag. I can't get Nerovision Express to install on this computer.

All I get is error messages - "Unable to Register (such and such a file)" all the way through the Install procedure.

I have emailed Nero and waiting for a response.

In the meantime I have made arrangements with a friend to go and try his PC, but not until next Tuesday.

Will see how it goes.


  john-232317 13:06 15 Jul 06

Have you tried downloading the update files to a folder, then install them later.

  johndrew 15:38 15 Jul 06

I think you should check your `finalisation` again. A disk will play on the machine that recorded it without being finalised, but not, or most unlikely, on any other player.

I fell for that one when I was moving video from my camera via the DVD recorder and by disk to my PC.

Pinnacle will `Import` from a `good` DVD.

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