Editing existing web page

  maz2 16:51 10 Dec 04

I havent got a clue where to start with this, as I've never had anything to do with web pages before. My friend has a web page which she wishes to edit, she needs to add a link on it, and hasn't got a clue how to get into it as it was made for her by someone else, although it is hosted by her ISP. Can you tell me how to do this please

  Forum Editor 23:43 10 Dec 04

an FTP username and password to access the site. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is the easiest way to upload new or revised files to a web server.

Some ISPs provide software which can be used for editing web sites, and details of this will be in the help/support areas on the ISPs web site. If you can tell us which ISP is involved here one of us will take a look and advise you further as to what (if any) facilities are provided.

  maz2 12:40 11 Dec 04

It's freeserve or wanadoo as it is now, I've looked in the site builder but don't know where to go from there

  Forum Editor 13:11 11 Dec 04

and enter your email address and password. From then on you'll have to ask for specific advice, because I can't go further without a wanadoo account (which I don't have).

  maz2 13:30 11 Dec 04

I've tried that but I can't get into it, when I put the e-mail and password in and click on update my site the fields are all blank, as I say the site was built by someone for her so goodness knows what passwords etc they have used

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