Editing drafts in Windows Live mail

  Channel 20 Jun 12

I've saved an incomplete email to the drafts folder in Live Mail,but cannot edit it as I could in Outlook Express.Suggestions on Google to double, or right-click to open it, or move to inbox, only open it without facility for editing.Is there a way other than copy and paste to compose ? New Lenovo Pc withwindows 7.

  mgmcc 21 Jun 12

Double clicking the saved message in the Drafts folder should open it again in the same state that it was in prior to being saved as a Draft, i.e. it can be edited. As this appears not to be happening in your case, it might be worth reinstalling Windows Live Mail. I have WLM 2011 and its messages saved as Drafts behave as I'd expect and can be edited.

"Suggestions on Google to double, or right-click to open it, or move to inbox"

Moving to "Inbox" isn't a good idea as it would then behave as a message you've received and the contents couldn't be edited.

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

I wonder if this is relevant: hotmailtips

To continue editing a message draft in Windows Live Hotmail:

Go to the Drafts folder.

Click on the message you want to continue composing.

Follow the Continue composing this message link in the email's top area. (In Windows Live Hotmail classic, this step is not necessary)

Continue editing the message and eventually send it.

The message draft will automatically be removed from the Drafts folder.

  Channel 21 Jun 12

Thank you both.The Hotmail tip I'd tried already, and it didn't work.I'll try re-installing WLM and see if it helps, though this won't now be for a day or so, unfortunately, as have a project to see to.


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