Edit DVD in Windows Movie Maker

  alfredgerald 08 May 13

Had a 35mm home cini film professionally converted to digital and put onto a DVD. I want to edit it in windows moviemaker but can’t import it. I have renamed the .vob file to .mpeg without success. Any thoughts?

  Woolwell 08 May 13

Surprised that no one has answered yet.

Just renaming the file will not work as you have found out. You need to convert it from vob to mpeg (or one of the other file formats acceptable to Windows Movie Maker) first. There are several programs out that that do it. I'm unable to recommend one though as I use a different program to edit movies that accepts vob format.

  mart7 08 May 13

A quick look round the net came up with these free programs,cant recommend it as i dont use it,both will convert vob to mpeg



  rdave13 08 May 13

First I would make copy of the DVD in case something happens.

My suggestion is to rip the DVD with Format Factory. Latest version is 3.0.1. You can select AVI or WMV for Windows Movie Maker.


Be alert when installing, for boxes to untick, on toolbars being offered. It's getting more routine for this when installing freebies. I've been using FF for a while and it works well for me.

  alfredgerald 09 May 13

Thanks all. Will give them a try.

  alfredgerald 14 May 13

The Format Factory worked. Thank you.


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