Edit 2 documents in Word

  fazza8 11:38 29 Jan 06

I am having to fill in an English form in Word, copying data from a French document in Word. How can I view both at once so that I do not have to keep going from one to the other which is very time consuming?

  Eric10 11:58 29 Jan 06

In Word 2003 you just open both documents then go to 'Window' on the menu and choose 'Compare Side by Side'. To get back to normal just go to 'Window' again and choose 'Close Side by Side'.

  bremner 11:58 29 Jan 06

Open both and then from the Menu bar Window > Arrange All

  fazza8 12:09 29 Jan 06

Thanks that's made this job much easier. If you ever need any translation...

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