Edimax wireless router problem?

  Red Devil 17:48 18 Jun 09


OK, I have bought an Edimax BR-6574n router. My first one appeared not to work - couldn't access it via the wired LAN link - and so was sent back and replaced.

New one came and works there, just one issue I am having now.

I can't seem to get it to transmit.

Both my 2nd desktop and my laptop which have wireless cards fail to see my network but can see all the other wireless networks in the neighbourhood.

I have checked my router and *think* I have set it up correctly. When I go into the Home/General Setup/Wireless menu it says that Wireless is enabled but I am sure my router is not transmitting.

Do I have to set it up to transmit? If so, how? If not - do I have a *2nd* faulty router?

Any advice/help will be much appreciated.


  recap 19:32 18 Jun 09

Are all the lights flashing when it is turned on?

  Red Devil 21:10 18 Jun 09

Yep, appear to be.

Power is on,

WiFi is constantly flashing,

WAN are both Green,

the 1st LAN has the LNK/ACK green and the 1000M amber



  T0SH 13:01 19 Jun 09

Have you considered that since the Edimax router you have bought is an N type, that just maybe the wireless cards in your computers that you are trying to connect are unable to detect the N type transmission

It may be the Edimax has backwards B & G compatibility but needs to be set that way ?

Dare I suggest reading the manual

Cheers HC

  Red Devil 13:17 19 Jun 09

The wireless cards in both PCs are N type too and the one in the 2nd destop is even an Edimax one so should have no issues at all seeing my router.

Both are also set to WPA2(AES).

The 2nd desktop and laptop simply don't "see" the router.

  T0SH 22:42 19 Jun 09

According to the Edimax manual the WiFi light constantly flashing indicates data traffic (unlikely in your case since you can not get a connection) or that the WPS mode is turned on (quite likely in your case),

Perhaps you need to turn the WPS mode off disable all encryption and try to connect

If that works then add the security features one at a time

Cheers HC

  Red Devil 11:41 29 Jun 09

I got in contact with Edimax's tech support and a few e-mails later and some playing around with settings and I now have a WPA2 protected wireless network that all the other PCs in the house can access.

Thank heavens!! ;)

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