Edimax N300 WiFi Extender Help

  PaulLovell 20:40 25 Jun 14

I purchased the above WiFi extender as my room is a complete dead spot with my BT Infinity. It works ok but when i do a speed test linked to it this is what i get from my iphone and ipad:

iphone: Ping 29ms Download 9.86mbps Upload 8.23mps

ipad: Ping 28ms Download 12.46mbps Upload 8.49mbps

If i can link direct to the home hub 4 then I get the following speeds:

iphone: Ping 27ms Download 24.42mbps Upload 5.20mps

ipad: Ping 26ms Download 36.74mbps Upload 8.61mbps

I must be doing something wrong to get such massive speed differences though the extender?

Any help would be gratefully received.



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