ecs k7 s5a and 9700 pro compatibilty

  pookie 13:04 08 Jul 03

Hi guys

k7 s5a mobo, 512Mb pc2100 ddr ram, XP home edition, 1.9 xp athlon, 64 mb ti4200 graphics.

In future I'm thinking of uping the cpu to 2.6 athlon which my mobo will support. I'm also thinking of getting a 9700 pro grahics card.

Do you know of any compatibilty issues between mobo and 9700 pro. Also, any recommendations on cheapish 9700 pros? I'm not really interested in game bundles or overclocking potential.

Many thanks


  pookie 19:47 08 Jul 03

boo hoo ;-(


  pookie 15:37 09 Jul 03

I'm refreshing as I've read that 9700 pro can have compatability issues with some mobos. I don't fancy spending £250 approx for nothing.

Have I annoyed someone?


  woodchip 15:48 09 Jul 03

Your motherboard only supports 4AGP so you are not going to get the benefit of buying 9700 pro 8AGP you are wasting your money. You would be better going for 9000

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