Echolife Hg 520b

  MinimumJ 22 Jan 13

I have read with interest, the problems that have been encountered with TalkTalk Echolife Hg520b router.

I have had mine for about 8 weeks now, have used the supplied cd to install it and am getting all green lights on the summary. I am using a desktop with the ethernet cable connected but can not get a wireless signal from the router for another device, eg. Kindle Fire.

As others have said, TalkTalk cost too much for advice. Can anybody help? I am only a novice to wi-fi.

  SillBill 22 Jan 13

TalkTalk advice is free, no matter how long the call. How do you know that your other device is not getting a signal?

  SillBill 22 Jan 13

I have no experience with Kindle machines but usually you have to go into Settings and Enable WiFi then you'd have to enter the info requested by the Router (Relevant info is on a label on the Router).

  MinimumJ 22 Jan 13

I have entered the relevant settings for the kindle. It shows what networks are available. Mine wasn't there, so I entered it manually. I'm using windows 7 and as I said, installed the router with the cd. Following TalkTalks instructions I get to part 5 that says "select your wireless network and click connect". Again mine isn't there.

  SillBill 22 Jan 13

I can only suggest calling TalkTalk's free helpline and let them talk you through it! 0870 444 1820 Customer Services


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