ECDL help

  barrie_g 12:43 24 Mar 03

hi I'm currently doing my ecdl and the file is not up to much it asks in one of the mock exams for you to calculate the percentage of a range of a range of cells in exel could someone please give me an example formula for doing this,
thanks in advance.

  Paranoid Android 13:10 24 Mar 03

Sorry but you aren't making total sense, can you post the complete question ?


  VoG™ 13:10 24 Mar 03

Sorry, I don't understand the question!

Please can you type it out in full, then I'm sure one of us can help.

  VoG™ 13:11 24 Mar 03


  Paranoid Android 13:11 24 Mar 03

PS is it the Excel instructions you need help with, or the Math ?


  Paranoid Android 13:12 24 Mar 03

Snap snap.

  barrie_g 13:35 24 Mar 03

I have the total of a list of numbers in b8

I have a number in b2

I have to enter a formula in c2 to calculate the number in b2 as a percentage of the number in b8

sorry if this is as clear as mud but I no longer have the mock paper in my possession as its gone off to get marked:((

its just that the training place i'm at is overcrowded and understaffed and the tutors dont have a lot of time to explain things very clearly

  VoG™ 13:43 24 Mar 03



=B2/B8 and format C2 as a percentage

  Paranoid Android 13:48 24 Mar 03

Darn, VoG, too quick for me. I think you should know I'm feeling quite depressed.


  barrie_g 13:54 24 Mar 03

thanks guys ticked as resolved

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