is ebay working???

  pete-290318 21:11 31 Mar 04

Is anyone else having problems geting into ebay?
For the past week it has sometimes logged me on and other times my browser just hangs as though the page is loading. All other sites open ok so I wondered if there was a general problem or whether it is my browser or router that is not letting me in? any feedback will be welcome.


  Mike574 21:14 31 Mar 04

I've had the same problem. I think it is just because alot of people are using the site at the same time. I find if I go on ebay after 11pm it is alot better.

  Old Shep 21:14 31 Mar 04

I am selling something on e.bay and look several time a day have not had any problems.

  pete-290318 21:15 31 Mar 04

I wondered if that may be the problem as its becoming very popular these days.

Thanks for your quick reply

  pete-290318 21:18 31 Mar 04

thanks guys ..I'll keep trying

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