Is Ebay working?

  Chegs ® 12:37 22 Nov 03

I tried to sell an item on Ebay,it failed to make its reserve price so I thought I would simply relist it (with pictures)but each and every time I have attempted this,I get advised to check the ebay status page.I can see nothing that would cause this(I think its down for maintenance today)during this week,but have seen several items with a note stating they(ebay)aren't working correctly.

I can surf Ebay, no problem. Haven't tried logging in or owt.

  Chegs ® 13:03 22 Nov 03

I can browse ebay(only occasional slow pages)I want to sell an item,and as soon as I try to add pictures,Ebay tells me to check their status pages.

  AndyJ 13:08 22 Nov 03

It appears to be working fine, although as of yet I haven't had to try and relist anything.

  Chegs ® 13:13 22 Nov 03

We were unable to process your request.

We are sorry, but we were unable to process your request.

Please check the eBay Announcement Board for updates on recent and upcoming changes,
major system issues,and other important eBay news.


  AndyJ 13:45 22 Nov 03

I just had occasion to add a picture to a selling item and it worked OK. Have you emailed EBay?

  A p o l l o 15:08 22 Nov 03

If you have ticked the box for "keep me signed in at this computer" - Sign Out and then sign in again.

I often get this problem and doing this always works.

A p o l l o

  Chegs ® 15:09 22 Nov 03

It might be a problem my end,I will leave emailing until I have tried a few more things here.I see you added a pic to your listing,when I tried this last week,it refused to let me add to description/pics.I wanted to add "Sold" to another listing,it wouldn't let me.I had to borrow a friends credit card to create a sellers account as Ebay was refusing to accept mine.It took at least 3 goes to get the items I was selling on ebay,with the hassles I keep getting,I'm inclined to think it MUST be something here.

  Chegs ® 15:17 22 Nov 03

Tried this with two different browsers(IE+Opera) and get the "We were unable to process your request..." message each time.I even tried leaving everything as-is(no changes)to relist and got the same message.

  AndyJ 15:47 22 Nov 03

Long shot, but if you're attempting to go into Ebay via , have you tried going in under .com

I once had a problem where they had done an update, when I mailed them they told me to login under the .com address and then I should have no further prob when going in under

Don't know the reason...but it worked.

  Chegs ® 16:56 22 Nov 03

Tried by,emptied cookies,emailed Ebay(got Auto Response)gonna leave it till tommorow when I can borrow a friends credit card and try updating account details again as its starting to look like thats the only possible prob left.I have already had probs with this CC before,it wont work online more often than it works.

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