Ebay - some pages wont open up?

  zincy 20:45 16 Dec 05

Hello there

I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing some problems with ebay? Some of their pages... in fact most of their pages is not opening up? It just comes up as all funny looking writing like some script? Anybody else having this problem or is it just me?


  zincy 20:46 16 Dec 05

opps forgot to add this only started to happen last few days..

  spuds 22:40 16 Dec 05

Using eBay quite a lot, no problems with what you mention at this end.

  Les T 22:46 16 Dec 05

Download & try CCleaner.
click here

  Brumas 22:50 16 Dec 05

This has been going on for quite some time and does'nt appear to be getting any nearer to solution. Check out their forum and several 'workarounds' click here

I have to say it happens to me intermittently, I am using BTBroadband!

  cazbay 23:27 16 Dec 05

Im on BT and sell wholesale on ebay ive had no problems.Fingers crossed I dont,Ive quite a lot of things finishing in the next week.
So thanx for the warning Ive read all the workarounds

  zincy 23:28 16 Dec 05

yes thats the kind of problem i am having as stated on the ebay forum... I am on Tesco broadband, but everything was fine until a few days ago... strange

  Stuartli 23:44 16 Dec 05

Just think of the money you are saving...:-)

I've had no problems downloading e-Bay pages - in fact I've already spent too much as a result this weeek...:-(

  rdave13 23:48 16 Dec 05

What browser is set to default?

  driving man 23:51 16 Dec 05

I Had same problemandd found it was my cookie settings being too high . It Happens to me during on line banking with various banks. My solution for banks is to enable all cookies and then when am finished I disable them again . But if you want to be on EBay for some time then watch what sites outside EBay you click on. Mind you CCleaner will flush out all your cookies

  zincy 23:58 16 Dec 05

thanks for the help, i have run the ccleaner but the problem still exists. This also happen to my housemate computer as well... maybe its the isp problem?

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