Ebay PC Components

  2Xtreme_lives 16:43 06 Jan 07

Hello There,
I am a trader on ebay and i am looking to open my own ebay shop. Now i have looked into many options on how to sell my pc compnents however at the moment all i can find are wholesale places. I am just looking for a very cheap place to buy single components in order to stock my ebay shop. I would mainly like to focus on graphics cards and ram that sort of thing. Anybody know of any really cheap places where i can find this sort of thing?
Many thanks and happy new year

  STREETWORK 16:45 06 Jan 07


If there were cheap places we would all be there buying.

  Technotiger 16:45 06 Jan 07

Boot sales, is the only place that springs to mind ... very dodgy though.

  terryf 16:53 06 Jan 07

You are very hopeful, if you went to the local green-grocer and bought 1 carrot, 1 onion and 1 potato, would you expect him/her to give you a discount? I think that you should be realistic about this, wholesalers get things at a lower price because they are buying by the case and then they up the price to make their profit.

  2Xtreme_lives 16:59 06 Jan 07

I am not looking for a miracle, i am just looking for a cheap website for pc components

  lisa02 18:17 06 Jan 07

Find your angle...

Many ordinary readily available goods go for more than they are worth. Start off with low value items and build a reputation.

As another route to take, everyone has spare components in their homes advertise in local newsagents, the local free paper... offering the possibility you might buy them.

Shop about all those high street stores, one shop I came across was selling headphones with mic for 99p each. I searched and found them on ebay selling for £3.99, that's a tidy profit.

  Totally-braindead 18:45 06 Jan 07

If I knew of such a company then I would be buying from them myself.

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