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  Les T 20:34 26 Jan 06

Howdo folks, i'm probably being thick here, but her goes. I listed a couple of items on eBay on Monday night, but when i came to the description part, the options for text size, coloured fonts etc were not there, just a plain box.
Any help would be appreciated.

  SLAYER 20:37 26 Jan 06

I think you will find if you scroll down a bit,there is another option which will give you what you want.

  Les T 20:40 26 Jan 06

I've listed and sold quite a few items, this is the 1st time i've never seen the options i've described.

  spuds 21:39 26 Jan 06

Give the eBay forum a try, there bound to be someone who can give you the answer. I know eBay are going through a period of changes at the present time, with reformats of their present system's.

  The Spires 08:21 27 Jan 06

Are you using Firefox or Opera instead of IE? I have found that when using Firefox to sell on E-Bay the formatting options don’t show.

  rmcqua 10:00 27 Jan 06

I find the options offered by the EBay text editing software to be a bit limited. So, I usually compose my listings using Front Page or Publisher, convert them to HTML, then copy and paste into the EBay "description" box. EBay then converts them back.
If you do have an HTML editing bit of software this will let you be a bit more artistic.

  Les T 12:34 27 Jan 06

Just read you're reply, i think that's the reason; i composed the items to sell on Firefox.
I'll use IE from now on.


  Blackhat 16:07 28 Jan 06

I list 20+ items per week on ebay and use Ebay's turbo lister program. You can download it free from eBay and it allows you to pre-list in a folder and upload to ebay when you wish. The listing designer ofers many variable formats.

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