Ebay fraud alert??

  Raquelmanny 21:22 19 Jul 04

Hi, I have been using Ebay for ages and have just received an E-mail saying someone has used my ebay account to make fake bids. And for security reasons I am required to verify my ebay account and there is a link to press. As there has been no bids made from my account I am inclined to think this is a fake email. How can I check to see if it is real or not? As it says if I don't verify my account then it will be cancelled.
Help please from anyone.

  stalion 21:24 19 Jul 04

verify by phone if possible

  Grantrh 21:31 19 Jul 04

Under NO circumcstances reply to this email.

It sounds like a 'Phishing scam' to me, what happens is the link directs you to a false ebay website where you enter your details and they are then used fraudulently.

Phone them or email them.

Hope this helps.

  Budgie100 21:33 19 Jul 04
  GaT7 21:38 19 Jul 04

Grantrh is probably right.

To confirm call Ebay on 0700 500 3229 9am-6pm Mon-Fri. They'll give you an email address to send the bogus message to, alongwith your concerns.

Let us know what happens. Good luck, G

  Raquelmanny 21:39 19 Jul 04

Thanks guys I sent a copy to Ebay. I thought it was a bit strange when I hovered over the link and the web address was different to the one in the e-mail.
Thanks again will delete immediately.

  jakimo 21:40 19 Jul 04

ignore the email,and contact them direct on the net(click on contact us)

report an account security issue

  Tony uk 21:50 19 Jul 04


  Raquelmanny 21:54 19 Jul 04

Just had email back from ebay it was definately a fake. It would be so easy to be taken in by the
fake emails. Thanks guys for confirming my suspisions and telling me where to report it to and putting my mind at rest.

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