ebay feedback after installing ie7

  pete. 16:20 29 Dec 06

hi can any ebayers help, i upgraded to ie7 when i was on ie6 to leave someone feedback typed in e it came up with every feedback starting with e and so on know that i am on ie7 all of my feedback has gone can anybody please help regards pete.

  theDarkness 16:24 29 Dec 06

if all your feedback has gone then its very likely it has nothing to do with IE7 and most likely a problem with the eBay website. try another computer to view your eBay to be sure. and give your system a scan for viruses!

  WonderMum 16:27 29 Dec 06


Email me your nickname and I will have a look at Ebay and email you the results back. Hope this might help.


  Staz 16:32 29 Dec 06

Where it saves the last feedback you wrote and then you can put the same in by typing the first letter.

You lost it all when you upgraded.

  pete. 16:36 29 Dec 06

hi no viruses tried my laptop still same hi wondermum its when i go to leave feedback for another ebayer like i said if i type in e it will bring up about 20 feedbacks starting with e s and so on so theres nothing you can check on ebay its something at my end maybe in the internet connection setup.

  dagbladet 16:38 29 Dec 06


read Staz's post.

  pete. 16:40 29 Dec 06

yes staz thats right im not very good at computers lost them all when upgraded?? but i type them in but it does not save them

  Staz 16:43 29 Dec 06

Go to tools-internet options-advanced and then tick the box that say 'use inline autocomplete'

I think that's the one. Liternally only just started using IE7

  pete. 16:46 29 Dec 06

already ticked

  Staz 16:50 29 Dec 06

"On the Content tab, in the AutoComplete section, click Settings. In the AutoComplete Settings dialog box, uncheck the appropriate check boxes for the AutoComplete options you do not wish to use."

  pete. 17:37 29 Dec 06

in the contents tab all are ticked

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