Ebay account hacked last night

  bamfiesler 30 May 11

Though I've managed to reset the password I am puzzled as to how it happened. For one, I was using a new laptop (instead of my tower) with a wireless netwrok to my Orange wireless router and I'm wondering if somehow someone (maybe nearby) has jumped onto the either the router or this laptop. Is this possible, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

  Nontek 30 May 11

Using a Wireless connection, Yes just about anything can happen, especially if the connection is not fully secured. Though don't ask me details, I am not an expert on Wireless!

  bamfiesler 30 May 11

Me niether, though I am convinced it's something to do with the laptop or router.

  Sea Urchin 30 May 11

So what exactly happened to your eBay account last night? And is your wireless connection secured?

  spuds 30 May 11

How did you find that your eBay account had been hacked?.

And what as made you think that it might be local more than at eBay side?.

Would also mention that there are some hoax emails flying around, that request you deal with 'an' account problem?.

Does any of the above fit the problem?.

  bamfiesler 01 Jun 11

It was definitely a mail from ebay indicating a password reset and not some spoof site.

The Orange Livebox wireless router obv needs a code to get into it but what about the laptop? I am just clutching at straws about it being local cos there's a lot of traffic in this block. I'm just wondering if the laptop itself became compromised. Running Windows 7 Pro with 3rd party firewall and Avast! anti-virus.

  spuds 01 Jun 11

I use to get a number of emails regarding my eBay account, and the simplest test is to see if the email provides a link.

Was there a link to click on, and were all the details in the email (about you) correct?.

  spuds 01 Jun 11

Forgot to mention: Was you able to gain access to your account, or had you been locked out, when all this was going on?.


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