Ebay account hacked

  nicgrant 09:09 01 Oct 06

I have recently been notified by e-bay that my account was fraudulanly accessed. They have put a block on the account. How can I protect myself from future hacking? I run AdAware & Spybot & have Zone Alarm installed.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:27 01 Oct 06

Can you post the email here for us to see, you may the victim of a phishing email. Telling you that your account has been hacked and blocked is a common ploy.

report this to ebay and paypal I have received similar emails and without opening I delete auto as suspicious That is the advice from paypal/ebay
you may receive other types asking you to fill in an invoice or similar debit DO NOT OPEN THE LINK simply delete immediately It is a scammers world after your details so they can rob you without being caught The web POLICE have not been created yet for honest people to feel safe although the security lock is the only safe protection for transactions

  nicgrant 09:47 01 Oct 06

I believe this is a legitimate e-mail from e-bay as i have been in correspondence with them to receive a new password. I'm still concerned as to how they managed to get into the account, do I need a keyguard or something to prevent my keystrokes being recorded?

  Stuartli 09:55 01 Oct 06

A genuine e-Bay e-mail is very easy to work out...:-)

  jimv7 10:02 01 Oct 06

I hope that you did NOT contact ebay via the recieved email, ebay state that they will NEVER ask for any details via email, send this email to [email protected] .co .uk (without the space)

  nicgrant 17:02 01 Oct 06

No, I Didn't respond to the e-mail, but it must be genuine, as I cannot log in to my ebay account (as it has been blocked). I have been communicating with their security/ hrlp centre. I'm concerned that somehow a hacker has managed to get the password and start using the account (e-bay put a stop on it, so I didn't have any purchaese) I've changed all my e-mail passwords.
I think I may have a trojun or something that may be recording the key strokes, otherwise not sure how anyone can randomly get my password.

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