taffyal 17:06 29 Apr 07

Just as a matter of interest, does anyone have any idea why, with all the millions they get, Ebay cant have a site that is accessible at peak times? I know they are extremely busy,but surely they could have a more "powerful" set up? Its not my connection, everything else is superfast! Or is it just not possible??
just wondering!! Cheers, Al.

  FungusBoggieman 17:11 29 Apr 07

no trouble getting on ebay Iuse buying or selling at peak times i assume you mean between 4.00pm and 11.00pm

  COLIN-234466 17:18 29 Apr 07

been a member of ebay since 04 and never had any probs

  Pineman100 17:21 29 Apr 07

No - never a moment's problem.

  muscic lover 17:22 29 Apr 07

I have never had a problem, except with stupid phisers trying to get my details!
Ebay works fine with me at present.....

  taffyal 17:29 29 Apr 07

Thanks for replies, though you make me jealous LOL. Must be something wrong here, then, although every other site I use is v.fast. The phone exchange is quite small here in the wilds of Wales but only a mile away.I just managed to get on, after an hour or more, but cant go to "My Ebay". Strange, but if anything can go wrong, it will for me!!! Cheers, Al.

  taffyal 17:50 29 Apr 07

Just got "item is ending" Email, so pressed the link, straight to item, pressed bid, everything OK,, but couldn't access it direct- wierd or what??

  skidzy 17:55 29 Apr 07

If you using IE7 try adding Ebay to your trusted sites.

Tools/Internet options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites/Now add this link and ok click here

Now try to access Ebay,you may have to close IE first and reopen the browser.

  taffyal 18:06 29 Apr 07

thanks, skidzy, but I use Mozilla Firefox, & it seems to work OK mornings, just this time of day! Cheers, Al.

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