easy Word question about spacing text

  bumpkin 08 Nov 12

I should know this but can`t find the setting. Using Word return takes me down one line as you all know. Somewhere is a setting where you can go up or down half a line at a time. Can anyone help please.

  onthelimit1 08 Nov 12

i In 2003, Format, Paragraph, Spacing, line Spacing. Similar in the later versions I think.

  lotvic 08 Nov 12

Don't see how it's possible to set it for half a line. It's one line, one and half, two, etc.

  Woolwell 08 Nov 12

Half a line will mean that text is on top of another line but Paragraph, Exactly and choose your font size. If you are using 12 pt then choose 6pt.

Which version of Word and do you mean half a line?

  bumpkin 08 Nov 12

I know it is possible as I have done it before hence the post, can probably sort it with one and a half then return on the line above which should give me a half space I think. but any other suggestions please.


  Woolwell 08 Nov 12

You haven't answered my question - which version of Word? See also my post about Paragraph and exactly. That will give half line spacing.

One and half spacing and return will give one and a half line.

  lotvic 08 Nov 12

If you are wanting a block of text to have half a line space in between each line/row, then choose one and half spacing.

In Word 2003 you can have an icon for a choice of line spacing on the top toolbar. Rightclick on a blank part of Toolbar | Customise | and on the Command tab, choose 'Format' in the lefthand column and in the right column scroll down to line spacing icons and drag and drop the icon(s) you want up to the top toolbar.

This makes it easy to select what spacing you want for the whole document before you start, or change at beginning of a paragraph, or if editing and you want just parts of it then select the text and click on the icon.

  Woolwell 08 Nov 12

Reading lotvic's post I think that one and half spacing may be what is required.

  woodchip 08 Nov 12

It may be like it is in my Corel WordPerdect. Go to Format Line/Spacing I can change mine 1.0 mil at a time

  Peter 09 Nov 12


Perhaps your thinking of superscript (Ctrl + Shift + +) or subscript (Ctrl + =)?


  Pine Man 09 Nov 12

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