Easy to use photo programme

  GrannyA 22:20 06 Jun 12

I need an easy to use photo programme and would like advice please. Is there one which allows one to find a photo or photo file by using a keyword? Would be great help with thousands of photos! Thank you GrannyA

  lotvic 00:01 07 Jun 12

I suggest Picasa

Picasa a Free Program from Google will organise and do what you want (and more) Learn about it Here (you do not have to use the Web Albums feature if you don't want to, you can use it just on your pc)

Also read, how to Search Picasa (Click on 'Search Box' link on that page)

There are also useful guides on YouTube if you do a search for them

  GrannyA 08:24 07 Jun 12

Thank you Lotvic. I will have another go at Picasa - I did try it but it seemed to constantly make decisions for me in ways I didn't want. But I didn't know that there was anywhere I could get help with learning how to use it. Thanks GrannyA

  frybluff 09:12 07 Jun 12

Adobe Photoshop is possibly the best. It's very easy to use, for the basics, and has useful things like facial recognition. It will also do a lot of "clever" editing stuff, if you want. The latest version is 10, but Photoshop Elements 8 is very good, and can be picked up, quite cheap, now, on ebay or Amazon.

  chub_tor 10:56 07 Jun 12

If you are looking for free software then Serif PhotPlus Starter can be obtained from here

  tonyq 11:18 07 Jun 12

GrannyA, If you decide to go for Adobe Photoshop Elements, this seems a good deal.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 & Premiere Elements 10


  BT 11:53 07 Jun 12

Paint.net is another well specified free photo program.

Download it here



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