An easy solution...

  Murray 15:00 02 Apr 03

Thought it was time to have a little relief amongst all these problems...

What's the easiest (most amusing) problem you've ever solved for someone.

An example:

A friend of mine phoned me a while ago complaining about a computer I'd built for him a few months previously. He said the monitor didn't work. I began to go throught the checklist.

Is it plugged in?

ah - the plug had fallen out of the back. problem solved.

Another example:

My dad phoned me this morning saying he was having trouble accessing a CD drive across the network at work. He has a BNC network so I told him to check all connections, etc. then was about to check what protocols he used when I asked:

Is there a CD in the drive?

ah - no. No wonder you cant access a CD if it's not in the Drive!

Any more stories like these?

  pj123 15:12 02 Apr 03

Good Thread. We need a laugh sometimes.
don't mention names though. Now let me think......
Ummmmmm I'll be back.


  sattman 15:17 02 Apr 03

A irate freind rang me up to complain, blaming me that I had given him some bad information as since deleting temp files his computor would not boot up.

Went through basic question with him and asked what was happening.

He had left a floppy in the drive!!!!!!!!!

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:45 02 Apr 03

Those kind of problems only have easy solutions becuase you've seen them before and understand computers.

People who don't have that experience or the advantage of understanding how these things work are more likely to have problems.

The stories are out there, and I've seen plenty in my time, but who does it help by sharing them? The only people who ask stupid questions are those who didn't listen to the answer first time round!

Much better to ask the question and look stupid than remain silent and be stupid.

  tell 16:06 02 Apr 03

I had a friend I had given an old PC to, ring me, he complained that the Blee**** thing was not working and he needed to use it that evening,
ever the gentleman I got in the car and paid a visit to the misbehaving pc.....funny how much better they work if you switch on the monitor


ps he wanted to try a new game.......

  Murray 01:07 03 Apr 03

Just trying to lighten the atmos a bit...

I know I may get shouted at for wasting valuable resources but it is amusing to share stories like this. If you're above it all, feel free to move onto the next thread.

  monkeyshine 01:46 03 Apr 03

Don't worry about the 'holier than thou' answers, we see them all the time.

  cream. 07:02 03 Apr 03

Keep them coming. Yes it is nice to lighten things up once in a while.

Moaners pop in here for a cup of tea.
click here

  Pesala 22:22 03 Apr 03

I tried to set up my Win TV GO PCI card when I moved into a new place, but I could not get it to find any channels. I gave up trying to use the roof-top aerial and did better with a portable one.

Months later, when I had NTL Home Broadband installed I discovered why the TV reception wasn't much good with the "Roof Top aerial." I was really surprised when I discovered that there was already an NTL cable in my room!


  Murray 12:09 04 Apr 03

So you were using the NTL cable as an aerial, hehe.

Then theres always that story (probably made up) of a guy in the States phoning up his PC's technical support number complaining that the cup holder had broken off.

it turns out that his CD tray had snapped off when he put a mug of tea on it.

  wetterfugal™ 15:39 04 Apr 03

My newly married daughter's Central Heating tripped the main cicuit breaker and a bi-directional water valve was replaced by me [a 71 years young wrinkly.]. Last week The same thing happend so she thought that she would get an "expert" to fix it this time, unaware of plumming charges. When she phoned, The C/H engineer told her that it sounded like an electrical fault and that he did not do electrics and that she sould call an electrician.

Well she was desperate now so she had to use a last resort, me. Off I went with my little tool bag and digimeter. Every thing was off again but this time the main cicuit breaker had not tripped.

Looks like a supply fault lass, see if they are on next door. They were. Have you topped up your electricity card? oop's, problem solved and as I went out the door she said. Dad,can you plumb in my washer?

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