Easy CD Creator problems

  Sparky 77777 11:47 06 Mar 04

I have been using the above with XP since I bought my pc some 8 months ago. Just recently, iwhen I am trying to create a music CD, the program crashes after about 9 tracks ans shuts down. Has anybody any ideas why this should be happening?

  thisisnighthawk 11:55 06 Mar 04

I use the same, try slowing down the write speed.

  Sparky 77777 18:24 08 Mar 04

I tried this and also recordnig to CD-RW and it made no difference

  Socalled 18:49 08 Mar 04

Have you tried creating a image file then write the image,you can then delete that file.

  accord 19:03 08 Mar 04

i had tyhis problem ages ago and there is an update on roxios website which eliminates this. i'll post the link when i find it.

  accord 19:06 08 Mar 04
  Sparky 77777 12:14 14 Mar 04

Tried this. It worked but seemed to take a very long time as each track, ECDC requested a virus scan.

Anybody got any more ideas?

I know that the tracks and the CDRW drive are OK as I can create a CD using Windows Media Player

  SEASHANTY 14:03 14 Mar 04

Possibly the CD you are copying from has some kind of copy protection. I have come across this before in both Nero and Roxio. Usually one of the middle tracks or so throws the copy process off. You end up with a coaster.

  barnacarry 14:16 14 Mar 04

I had all sorts of problems with this program, even to the point of my 'D' drive disappearing.
I then tried 'FileCD 2' from the disk of the last issue of PC Advisor and have had no trouble at all.

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