Earpads for headphones.

  rimp 20:23 14 Aug 08

Because I am deaf I use headphones of music on my computer, tv etc., The pads on my earphones are in shreds,and need replacing. I could perhaps buy new ones, but as the ones I have give a good clear sound, I would prefer to keep using them. I have searched the web, but can only find small/medium pads and I need large ones. Can anyone help please.

  Joe R 20:24 14 Aug 08
  laurie53 21:43 14 Aug 08

Maplins, CPC.

  rimp 19:27 15 Aug 08

Thanks folks,The headphones need large pads and Amazon do not have them and I bought a pair of large pads at Maplins but they were too small, just couldn't stretch far enough. Thanks

  I am Spartacus 19:32 15 Aug 08

What make and model?

  bobbybluenose 19:40 15 Aug 08

try this sennheiser

  jack 19:56 15 Aug 08

Using the old ones as a pattern- should not be too difficult

The pad - car wahsponge or similar.
Any piece of fabiric
An enhancement if you are handy with a needle
a hem and a draw sring to tie on the can with.

  laurie53 20:53 15 Aug 08

What diameter are you looking for?

  rimp 23:13 17 Aug 08

Answers, sorry they are late. Philips SBCH-M825, I emailed Philips and they directed me to Dutchwest who could not help, Seinheiser did not have the size, and they are oval about 3"x2".
And Jack, I have taken the pads from an old set and made adjustments, but it will do for the moment, but not ideal.
Thank you for your replies

  MarvintheAndroid 23:30 17 Aug 08
  jack 12:01 18 Aug 08

An oval face wash sponge from Wilkinson/£ store etc.

Slice horizontally so you have 2 oval halves
carve the hole.
Cover and drawstring to fix over the cans
or easy way out Gaffer/Duct tape to cover and fix.

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