EARLY warning: Sobig.G - 10th September...

  Gaz 25 07:23 26 Aug 03

Good morning to all.

I would like to warn you all that after the Sogig.F causing havoc to internet users, Messagelabs say that the new strain: Sobig.G will be worse.

They urgenty reccomend you use Antivirus and do not open ANY attachments that look suspicious nor the e-mails they arrive in.

What do look for?




Check this


E-mails from Microsoft

and also to run software such as mailwasher, also keep your windows software up to date to prevent any virus from using any Windows Exploit.

click here for informatiomn on Sobig.F, Blaster.Worm and Nachia.

Stay safe.


  Gaz 25 07:34 26 Aug 03

click here for more information and advice on Sobig virus.

  Gaz 25 07:37 26 Aug 03

Just thought I would warn you all before hand, looks like Sobig lives on.

Just anyone without virus protection help protect you and others, get some.

  Mango Grummit 08:05 26 Aug 03

Thank you once again Gareth. You are a Gem.

  Gaz 25 08:34 26 Aug 03

Your very welcome. I hope it is of great help for me to keep you informed.

  Gaz 25 09:16 26 Aug 03


  Gaz 25 09:34 26 Aug 03

I will rick this thread as resolved.


  Andsome 09:45 26 Aug 03

Well done

  Gaz 25 09:49 26 Aug 03

Bump for morning visitors.

  plankton 12:49 26 Aug 03

Thank you Gareth :o)

  Peverelli 13:34 26 Aug 03

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