ear- piercing beep on startup

  carlos 09:57 28 May 03

How can I make it more quiet, please. New Mesh laptop. Wakes everyone up on the train at 6.30, not a popular man.Have muted the sound, to no avail.Or do I have to live with it( and turn on laptop before I get on)?

  Andsome 10:30 28 May 03

My computer does this, I have found no way to stop it happening, just pretend that this is the computers way of saying 'GOOD MORNING'.

  carlos 11:29 28 May 03

"Good morning" Dom Jolly-style, eh?

  woodchip 14:00 28 May 03

As it's a laptop I would say you will have to live with it. Unless you fancy taking the laptop apart to remove a wire from the computer speaker, Not the sound Speaker but the one that just gives out the startup post sound.

  Stalker 14:16 28 May 03

SO it was you on the train :D

Was on a train and some guy was playing a game that every time he lost he made some really horrible beeps, and i dont think he was good at the game.... either that or he didnt want me to sleep.

Most laptops you cant change the post beep speaker volume.
But try speaking to the manufacturer they might be able to help.


  carlos 14:52 28 May 03

it wasn't me, Guv. Thanks for your help.

  graham√ 14:58 28 May 03

Do they do ear-piercing while you wait? :-)

  carlos 13:00 30 May 03

one has to phrase things VERY carefully on this site........ eg also, In the fave software post, the comment on beat and pacemakers?

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