Is each version of OEM windows unique?

  jonargent 19:53 21 Apr 09


I was just wondering if the recovery discs that came with my Gateway laptop were unique, or just mass produced with the same code etc for each copy?

  rdave13 20:05 21 Apr 09

If your mean a recovery disk and not a OEM Windows disk then yes it's tied to the hardware on your PC. If it fails to recognize the hardware then it won't restore.

  jonargent 20:14 21 Apr 09

Sorry, I should have gone into more detail. I ordered a new gateway laptop online, but it was never delivered, although the couriers are claiming it was, I was wondering if it was traceable by the manufacturer?

  rdave13 20:19 21 Apr 09

If the couriers claim it's been delivered then insist on seeing the recipients signature. If it's not the same as the buyer's then you can take the matter foreward.

  jonargent 20:58 21 Apr 09

I've already requested this information, i'm just waiting a reply. I'm getting in contact with gateway now, and am hoping they can disable, block or trace it somehow?

  rdave13 04:26 22 Apr 09

Personally I'd tick this thread as resolved and start a new one in Consumerwatch. Title it with something like 'Laptop not delivered'. Give the facts as to what has happened and you should get more advice, especially if you paid by credit card.

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