E-System Laptop Complete Switch-Off Problem

  jimforrest 22:39 10 Feb 15

My daughter has an E-system Sorrento 1 laptop that has served well for a couple of years - until this afternoon when it refused to power up. The 'power' light is lit (power supply plugged in), but there is absolutely no response to operating the power 'on' button. No click, buzzing, fan noise or hard drive engaging ... nothing.

I have 2 options - take it to bits and, if I can identify the cause, fix it (replace the board or component) - or bin it!

From your pool of knowledge, what is the likely cause of a complete refusal to show any life? Alternatively, if I take it to bits what is the chance of my seeing the fault (my electrical technical knowledge is almost zero)? Or should I just bin it and buy a new one?

  Jollyjohn 14:59 11 Feb 15

Remove battery and power supply - press and hold power button for 30 seconds.

Try with only power supply plugged in.

If still nothing the there is nothing to lose by opening it up. There may be a small round battery visible, try changing this.

I suspect a broken solder joint somewhere, unlikely you will spot it.

Your daughters data is still on the hard drive and a usb/sata adapter can bought cheaply enough. This would enable the data to be retrieved and copied to a new laptop. The old hard drive could then be formatted and used as a back up drive.

  onthelimit1 15:15 11 Feb 15

When you say 'power light', do you mean the one on the charger or the one on the laptop itself?

If the former, it doesn't mean that power is being supplied to the laptop, only that mains is present on the input to the charger. In this case, the charger is almost certainly dead - they often do not last long.

  jimforrest 17:26 11 Feb 15

The power light is on the laptop. I checked the power supply and it's giving 22.5V offload. It looks as if I've got to open it up anyway because (being a cheap laptop), there's no little access panel for the HDD. Presumably it's under the keyboard. I'll report back when I've opened it and had a look.

  jimforrest 17:19 27 Feb 15

Finally got back to sort daughter's laptop out (the HDD in my own laptop died so I got distracted!) It's an e.systems machine, which I believe is really a Lenovo.

Took it to bits and removed the motherboard. Checked the CMOS battery and it has 3V. Checked the on/off switch and that is fine - so it's the motherboard. The diffuser behind the fan was 90% blocked with dust so I assume something cooked.

A replacement board is only around £20 (secondhand but guaranteed). Now for the big question - If I put the new board in together with the CPU chip and the original HDD (with a validated Win7 on it), will it boot up as normal, or will it recognise the board has been changed and demand revalidation of Win7?

The reason why I ask this is because of my recent experience with replacing my HDD where I lost the original Win7 and used an iso, and the Microsoft site says that OEM licences will be allowed to revalidate Win7 (by phone), but not if the motherboard has changed! So if it asks to revalidate then I'm stuffed (even though I'm not pirating Win7)!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 27 Feb 15

It should boot as normal - windows usually requires 4 hings to change before asking for re activation.

  bumpkin 17:45 27 Feb 15

Jim, ref the licence issue. I do not think that you will have any problems validating either online or by phone if you have to. Just built myself a new basic PC with all different components to my old one and it validated automatically on line. In the past I have found that if online fails then using the phone system works. I also used an ISO disk as my original was damaged.

  jimforrest 18:22 27 Feb 15

That's good enough for me - here goes 20 quid! I'll let you know what happens.

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