e-system laptop 1201

  chinaplate 21:31 17 Aug 08

nice little laptop for my needs.only niggle being having to press Fn and F10 every time i want to browse the internet.is it true there,s a bios setting to automaticaly turn on wireless internet access on booting.

  linden 21:44 20 Aug 08

Help. Same laptop make and same problem!!

This one has Vista. Connect command ( from Start ) says "unable to detect any networks". Fn f10 - a pause and a sound - all neighbour networks discovered. At least Tiscali detects and knows password for this machine so Internet available immediately. But this is needed every time you close machine and reopen. Very annoyong. Can any one advise chinaplate and me.

  FatboySlim71 22:38 20 Aug 08

My mate has got the same Laptop and he has to do the same. Its just a thought but is the need to press Fn and F10 (to switch the wireless on) not to save battery, as I would think having the wireless enabled all the time from boot up would run the battery down considerable quicker?

  martjc 22:52 20 Aug 08

...you've hit the nail on the head! That is the very reason that some laptop makers include a switch mechanism [such as FnF10]. Those that have the wifi active even when it's not in use, will use more power needlessly.

Come on you two, it's not that difficult to activate the switch when you go online!

  woodchip 23:11 20 Aug 08

My HP Laptop as a Hardware switch

  chinaplate 17:53 21 Aug 08

I should have added that i was prompted to post as the Fn/F10 'switch mechanism' can be a pain at times.try as i might,i,mostly find 'the 2 key combo just does,nt want to work.but there you go...

  FatboySlim71 20:27 21 Aug 08

It sometimes doest work first time on my mates, but this is always because the laptop is still loading things up, give it time to load everything up and it activates first time :-)

  Fried~Chips 16:44 27 Sep 08

E-systems 1201 and will not hold Wirless on option after cold boot. I have found that this model is suppose to have a Raylink Wirless adapter built in but it won't work when Fn + Wirless key pressed it insists it a Realtek Driver which will work when switched on manually but this is a problem caused with a bad BIOS. When they finally get round to the BIOS update it will and hopefull fix it.

  sheardo 21:46 02 Feb 10

Need help have you or did you ever experience a multicloloured screen on this laptop and it freezes? all help appreciated

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