hugoboss38 14 Jun 12

ive got a e-system laptop and had to do a reformat my laptop but now ive lost my drivers its running xp the model number is 3087 and i need my wifi drivers and sound and most of the rest of them lol i need as much help as poss as ive looked everywhere for them even on techguys website but nothing

  finerty 14 Jun 12

Did't the laptop come witha driver disc, instruction book or a pdf file?

  onthelimit1 15 Jun 12

If you have internet access, try running Slimdrivers (free). I've used it numerous times in a similar situation to yours, and it usually points to the correct drivers from the manufacturers website.

slimdrivers download

  hugoboss38 15 Jun 12

i didnt get any cds or anything else with this laptop mate gave it to me before he went to the usa to live finerty and to onthelimit ive got no internet on that laptop ive looked everywhere fpr the drivers but page not on the web anymore so does this mean my laptop is for the bin now then???

  lotvic 15 Jun 12

when you say you "had to do a reformat my laptop" how did you do this? as I believe e-system laptops and pcs come with a built in 'back to factory image' which includes all the drivers and restores it back to how it was when first left factory.

  hugoboss38 20 Jun 12

he installed a new windows xp on the laptop which removed the partition so he has informed me and says he can not remember what he did with the cd if it did come with one so im still not any wiser all i really need is to get the drivers for the wireless then i can find the rest of the drivers online

  rdave13 21 Jun 12

Download Portable SIW on another PC, transfer to flash drive and run it on the laptop. Should give you the info on your hardware so you can search for the drivers.

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

Why not just connect with ethernet cable to get it online so you can search for drivers when you have run SIW.

also, Might be worth looking in Disc Management to check if the partition with factory image really has gone. You should be able to boot straight into it if you make it 'Active'

  hugoboss38 06 Jul 12

i just need the wifi adapter for it can not find anything

  buteman 06 Jul 12

Or get an Wireless dongle and use that.

  buteman 06 Jul 12

Ignore last thought that you were tring to connect to Wireless.


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