e system 3083 hard drive (Any Ideas pls)

  Autoschediastic 20:59 PM 25 Jul 11

Hi everyone!

My brother who lives away from me has an "e system 3083" laptop, he has no idea what the hard drive is but wants to upgrade it from the small 40 gig to a larger one, i cannot find a HD that would fit it? does anyone know of a drive that would fit such a laptop pls? Thanks

  northumbria61 21:39 PM 25 Jul 11

Download and Run "SIW" (System Information for Windows) - this will help find out exactly what HDD is installed (look under storage devices or logical discs) - the main thing to check is the Serial Interface - then search on Google for a similar HDD with larger capacity.

  northumbria61 21:40 PM 25 Jul 11

OR Post back here with details and we will have a look for you.

  Autoschediastic 15:36 PM 26 Jul 11

northumbria61 THANK YOU! ur a star!! i'l be in touch


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