e-sata drive in enclosure Windows 8

  rdave13 06 Apr 13

Just bought an e-sata enclosure for a sata drive. The transfer speed goes up to 46 MB/s which is good. Now Win 8 sees it as a removable drive but the safely remove icon isn't interested. I connect the e-sata cable first then the usb power. Win 8 says it's a removable drive. Never liked the hot swappable system and have always used the 'remove hardware safely' icon.

To remove the drive, and it's only a data drive, I make sure nothing is being written to it (cashe not being used?) so remove the usb power supply then remove the e-sata cable. Seems to work OK.

Would it be better to go to Disk management (easy in 8) then select the left pane for the drive, and select 'offline' before disconnecting the power?

I think it would but would like someone else's opinion.


  rdave13 06 Apr 13

Well, after trying it and reconnecting the drive via e-sata caddy I don't get the pop-up asking how to open the removable drive. Auto run won't work unless reboot I think.

Back to Disk management, wait for it to load, then in the left pane, it shows 'offline', re-setting to 'online' then the auto run pop-up shows and everything back to normal. Knowing this I would appreciate if this is a safer way to remove a drive connected externally by e-sata connection?

Many thanks.

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Apr 13

I cannot remember the last time I used the 'Safely remove device icon' before disconnecting. If you are sure the drive is not being written to then go ahead and pull it.

I also do not have auto run or the pop up asking what I want to do with the device enabled either.

  rdave13 07 Apr 13

Thanks Chronos the 2nd. Will carry on removing the power then the e-sata cable making sure it is not being written to.


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