E-maling small videos/filmstrips

  Abel 11:43 18 Apr 07

Is it possible to reduce the file size of a small video/filmstrip taken on my digital camera, to enable it to be e-mailed without it taking forever? My OS is XP SP2 and I use OE6 for my e-mails


  johnnyrocker 11:47 18 Apr 07

you could try zipping it or click here


  Abel 12:05 18 Apr 07

Thanks for the prompt response Johnny, but zipping the file only reduces it by some 600Kb when the overall file size is something like 23Mb. As for your other suggestion, I was really looking not to have to pay for the privilege since it's only a small family clip.


  johnnyrocker 12:19 18 Apr 07

i have checked the site out and one can sign up for a free account which will meet your needs ie up to 100 meg


  Abel 12:34 18 Apr 07

Johnny, sorry about that. Yes, I did discover the free of charge lite option. However, my first attempt seemed to take as long as ordinary e-mailing, unless I hit a bad patch on my ISP's server, so I terminated it. I shall now have another go and report back if I hit the same problem.


  anchor 12:37 18 Apr 07

Another way, depending on the source format, is to load it into the free Microsoft Movie maker.

click here

This will make a wmv file that will play on almost any windows PC. You can easily control the final size of the movie.

  Abel 12:45 18 Apr 07

Hello Anchor, I haven't had an opportunity to look at you suggestion yet but will do so after this. Johnny, and all other interested parties, the 'Yousendit' site would have taken 25 minutes to upload a 90 second filmstrip of 23Mb which, for my purposes, is quite unacceptable.


  Abel 12:52 18 Apr 07

Anchor, had a look at your suggestion and Movie Maker, which I already have, does not support .MOV files. Unless I can convert my file to a suitable format, then it's 'no go' I'm afraid.


  anchor 11:19 21 Apr 07

Have a look here; it could be a solution

click here

free converter:

click here

Import the resultant avi file into Windows movie maker.

  Abel 11:52 21 Apr 07

Many thanks anchor! The free version you suggested seems to be just what I'm looking for. It has so many facets. However, I'm struggling a bit to understand how it works, nevertheless I'll get there.


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