E-mails show up as Phishing

  Border View 11:04 29 Aug 10

I run with Windows XP home SP3. I have Avast Anti virus and Sunbelt Personal firewall (paid for version. My ISP is o2 and when I am away from home I use a 3 mobile broadband dongle. At home I use outlook express with my o2 e-mail address but when using the 3 mobile broadband dongle use my yahoo e-mail address.

The problem is my friends have reported that when they receive my e-mails they show up in bright red font with a warning that this e-mail is suspicious and could be a phishing e-mail.

Obviously my e-mails are not but how do I overcome this problem. I dont even know if some of my e-mails get through because of friends security systems.

Your help would be appreciated.

  MAJ 11:21 29 Aug 10

Get your friends to add your email address to the 'Safe Senders List', they can do that by right-clicking on your email in their Inbox and choosing the option from the menu. It's possible that, in the past, you have sent them an email with the characteristics of a phishing email (a certain subject or phrase maybe) that their email security has picked up on.

  Border View 11:47 29 Aug 10

Thanks for that Maj. Shall send them an e-mail with this advice. Kind regards.

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