E-Mails non arrival

  jack 12:16 04 Jul 05

Whilst sending mai to my daught - therefore a well established- address in my system - she has reportef that they are not turning up at her end.
I one sends a mail with an incorrect/corrupted address- they are returned as udeliverable.

What is the situation then when they seemingly dissappear- i.e- you send 'em they [presumabley] have an active mail box.
Where do they go?

  lotvic 13:37 04 Jul 05

Prob'ly just bouncing about from server to server?..... sometimes I believe it takes 4-5 days before they get returned to you as undeliverable

Is it all the emails you send to her or just some that are not arriving?

Try re-entering her email addy (type it in full) and see if she gets that one

  jack 14:07 04 Jul 05

She Mailed me- so I responed on the reply button. So that one should get back her.
We wait................

  jack 10:34 06 Jul 05

We are talking again, but the originals referred to have never turned up.

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