E-mails with no text

  RamUK 16:56 15 Jan 03
  RamUK 16:56 15 Jan 03

I seem to be getting more and more e-mails into my hotmail account with no text other than the title . I'm not talking about the ones with graphics that can just take ages to download, but ones with nothing there whatsoever.

Do these pose a threat?

I have wondered if simply by opening them I am in some way confirming my e-mail address to the sender.

  recap 17:14 15 Jan 03

RamUK, if you do not know the sender of the email then don't open it. As you ask "by opening them I am in some way confirming my e-mail address to the sender" this is a very strong possibility. As it is Hotmail then I would think it is junk mail you are receiving.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 17:31 15 Jan 03

I used to get those kinda emails as well. You can use Mailwasher to "bounce" back your emails to the sender, giving the impression that your email address doesn't exist. (Remember the times when you misspelt the sender's address and it came back to you? That's what happens to the sender when the receiver uses Mailwasher on incoming emails). This can confuse, or at least discourage spammers.

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