E-Mails and Clipart

  carper 10:57 21 May 04

Can anyone tell me how to load a clipart from the disc straight into an E-Mail NOT as an attachment.

  Smegs 11:37 21 May 04

carper, open the email, goto message, drop down menu, click NEW USING, another menu appears, click Select Stationary.

  carper 14:23 21 May 04

Sorry Smegs, Not the answer. I am trying to incorporate Clip art from the PCA disc for July (Issue 108). Thanks for your reply anyway.

  Simsy 14:51 21 May 04

then click Insert>Picture on the menu bar on the message window. Navigate to where the image is stored, (in this case the CD), choose yout alignment options, and click OK.... and taht should be it.

(Note that I'm not sure about this bit, but I think you'll also have to make sure you're sending in HTML format.... from the menu bar click, Tools>Options>Send and check the "HTML" box under the "Mail Sending Format" section.

I hope this helps,



  johnnyrocker 15:00 21 May 04

i think the suggested method will lead to the pic becoming the wallpaper behind the message, if that is the objective then check on the size as they normally are huge.


  GroupFC 15:10 21 May 04

The receipient will also surely need to have receive HTML enabled (otherwise we'll be seeing posts along the lines of "can't see clip art in new message!" - LOL!)

  johnnyrocker 15:12 21 May 04

nice one;))


  Simsy 18:41 21 May 04

Now I'm home I've just tried it out using the method I suggested.... It does work as required, it's not wallpaper... (I'm using OE6)

Like your point though GroupFC!!



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