e-mailing mobiles

  nobbie 11:39 06 May 03

hi all, i know its a bit off the computers subject, but can anyone tell me how to e-mail a mobile phone, for starters, how do you find the address of your mobile to send the e-mails to.
doesn't explain to much in the phone manual.

  Morpheus© 11:57 06 May 03

as far as i know you can only do that if you have and the other person has the new 3G range of phones....

  nobbie 12:03 06 May 03

sorry didn't know how to get the c at the end of your name.
i have a 3510i and it says that i can send my messages as e-mails so i naturally presumed that i could receive e-mails

  Morpheus© 12:15 06 May 03

For future use to get the © hold down the "alt" key and on the right side of the keyboard the keys with the numbers press 0169 :-)

anyway back to the phone, i will have a study of the model and report back.......


  Morpheus© 12:24 06 May 03

i guess you can if yours and the other phone are compatible.... or so it says

Text messaging: Concatenated SMS, send and receive messages up to 761 characters long in one message
SMS chat
Predictive text input for over 10 languages; support for major European languages
Templates for quick and easy sending of predefined messages
Picture messaging: Send graphics with text to other compatible phones
Multimedia messaging: Receiving messages containing a text item, a ringing tone, or graphics and sending or forwarding messages containing a text item and graphics

  nobbie 12:27 06 May 03

Morpheus¿ (getting closer) :-)

  nobbie 12:38 06 May 03
  Morpheus© 13:03 06 May 03

no it does not, but what i do, and it is of course not the same, but i send all my text messages via O2 on the PC, they are free and you can send , i think it is about 50 a day.. meanwhile i will have another study....

  Valvegrid 13:08 06 May 03

A number of years ago, before I knew better, I was on AOL, if I remember correctly you could send emails via the internet to a mobile. When the email is received on the mobile phone the senders email address appears.
Of course it would not work in the reverse i.e. mobile to internet.


  Valvegrid 13:09 06 May 03

Forgot to say, just using the mobile's normal number.


  Morpheus© 13:11 06 May 03

it looks like they are sent to the phone number.

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