E-mail and zonealarm gone...

  ptrafc 14:13 10 Mar 04

Hi, I've just received my MESH PC back from a repair, but my e-mail account is gone (I don't want to create another coz I need to keep my address), and zonealarm has diappeared. Could anyone help? Also, the 'WWW' button on my keyboard doesn't open explorer anymore, and it did before.

  Stuartli 14:35 10 Mar 04

Hardly a calamity...

If you still have IE available just reconfigure your ISP's POP3 and SMTP mail server details (your e-mail address will still be available to use); reinstall ZoneAlarm either from a disk or, preferably, the latest version from the ZoneLabs website and, finally, reinstall your keyboard's driver.

However check first, if your keyboard is still working normally otherwise, that the WWW function has not been disabled in its HotKeys menu or which ever way it is achieved.

  fly-chicken-fly 14:40 10 Mar 04

if my computer came back with firewall software removed or corrrupted i'd ask a lot more questions ??? why is it gone ??? has it been on the net is it wormed virued ???? and who the hell did it and why ????

  fly-chicken-fly 14:43 10 Mar 04

but maybe thats just cause i,m paranoid ??? do virus check's !!!! outlook messed up and firewall gone i'd be scanning for stuff !!!

  ptrafc 16:27 10 Mar 04

I've sussed it, I just needed to reload everything from my NTL disk, cheers anyway.

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