E Mail - unable to send

  clivenorfolk 21:03 20 Oct 03

I use freeserve as my ISP I can connect up easily and receive e mails but am unable to send emails.
It always comes up with a fault on pop.freeserve.
Freeserve help line doesnt (help that is) Any suggestions

  mammak 21:56 20 Oct 03

Hi clivenorfolk, i hope someone stand,s to correct
me but if using outlook check tools accounts> mail> outgoing message,s are set to "smtp.freeserve.com"

  LastChip 22:39 20 Oct 03

it should be; smtp.freeserve.net.

So to recap;

Incoming mail=


Outgoing mail=


  beeuuem 23:13 20 Oct 03

From click here

The address of the Freeserve SMTP mail server is:


The address of the Freeserve POP mail server is:


  LastChip 23:27 20 Oct 03

Mine is set to the above (.net), has been for years and works just fine. Perhaps it answers to both!

  powerless 23:29 20 Oct 03

You can use either .net or .com

If you post the whole mesage it will help more.

  Rtus 23:29 20 Oct 03

Check your email server port number is 25 ( I believe its the same for Pop3..
under tools properties advanced settings.....

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