E-Mail Stuck

I have an e-mail that wont download. How do I clear it from the server? It just keeps timing out, its not a big one. I know what it is it must have an error in it.

  brundle 18:49 02 May 08

Perhaps Mailwasher will shift it

Tried that it opens up OE and keeps timing out.

  brundle 19:00 02 May 08

Untick "Open my email program after processing" or similar, I don't have MW so I can't relate it precisely

  brundle 19:01 02 May 08

If no luck, delete it using Telnet click here

  Andsome 19:05 02 May 08

Try searching your I.S P's website to see if you can log on to Web mail. You can delete it from there. I am with Virgin and can read my e mails when I'm away from home, and delete them afterwards. You will need your e mail address and password.

  bretsky 19:15 02 May 08

I think if the email is over a certain size you cannot shift it from your ISP webmail, I had this a few years ago when on dial up and somebody sent me a huge email attachment which completely clogged up my inbox on the server.

To clear the offending email goto click here which will give you an overview of your inbox and allow you to delete the unwanted email from there.

bretsky ;0)

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