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  Mack1 10:53 AM 01 Jul 12

I run Win 7 Home with IE 9.I am trying to install a program called Mailwasher 2012 and need to know my e-mail settings POP3 Server address,User name,password incoming and outgoing.I have e-mailed my ISP but they are rather slow replying.I think I should be able to find this information somewhere on my computer can anyone explain how to retrieve it please?

  KRONOS the First 11:01 AM 01 Jul 12

What program do you use for your email?

  Taff™ 11:07 AM 01 Jul 12

And what is the last bit of your e-mail address (just the bit after @, Don't give your whole e-mail address!)

  Mack1 14:18 PM 01 Jul 12

Chronus - I am using Windows Live Mail

Taff - supernet.com

  KRONOS the First 14:29 PM 01 Jul 12

You will need your Windows Live user name and password and the POP address is pop3.live.com.

I also got this from the Mailwasher website,

In MailWasher Pro:

Click Settings Tab > Accounts > Add Email Account.

Enter a name reference for your account in the Account Description and enter your Hotmail/Windows Live Mail Email address in to the Email Address field. Click Save.

The Hotmail/Windows Live Mail settings will be entered automatically.

Enter your Hotmail/Windows Live Mail password in the Password field.

Click Save.

  Taff™ 14:45 PM 01 Jul 12

Have a look in Windows Livemail and under tools accounts you will see your current set up. Open that accounts properties and use the same incoming server. I think you are using supanet.con and not as you spelt it but copy whatever is there. The username is your full e-mail address. You will need to know your own password.

As for the outgoing server I suggest you don't need it. In Mailwasher don't set up the program to bounce spam at all. Tantamount to telling the spammers they've got a current live e-mail for more spam.

  Taff™ 14:49 PM 01 Jul 12

Sorry - supanet.com !!! In which case the mail server is mail.supanet.com I seem to remember.

Chronus - don't follow you at all on this. How would a supanet account work through a windows mail server?


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