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  Mack1 01 Jul 12

I run Win 7 Home with IE 9.I am trying to install a program called Mailwasher 2012 and need to know my e-mail settings POP3 Server address,User name,password incoming and outgoing.I have e-mailed my ISP but they are rather slow replying.I think I should be able to find this information somewhere on my computer can anyone explain how to retrieve it please?

  KRONOS the First 01 Jul 12

What program do you use for your email?

  Taff™ 01 Jul 12

And what is the last bit of your e-mail address (just the bit after @, Don't give your whole e-mail address!)

  Mack1 01 Jul 12

Chronus - I am using Windows Live Mail

Taff - supernet.com

  KRONOS the First 01 Jul 12

You will need your Windows Live user name and password and the POP address is pop3.live.com.

I also got this from the Mailwasher website,

In MailWasher Pro:

Click Settings Tab > Accounts > Add Email Account.

Enter a name reference for your account in the Account Description and enter your Hotmail/Windows Live Mail Email address in to the Email Address field. Click Save.

The Hotmail/Windows Live Mail settings will be entered automatically.

Enter your Hotmail/Windows Live Mail password in the Password field.

Click Save.

  Taff™ 01 Jul 12

Have a look in Windows Livemail and under tools accounts you will see your current set up. Open that accounts properties and use the same incoming server. I think you are using supanet.con and not as you spelt it but copy whatever is there. The username is your full e-mail address. You will need to know your own password.

As for the outgoing server I suggest you don't need it. In Mailwasher don't set up the program to bounce spam at all. Tantamount to telling the spammers they've got a current live e-mail for more spam.

  Taff™ 01 Jul 12

Sorry - supanet.com !!! In which case the mail server is mail.supanet.com I seem to remember.

Chronus - don't follow you at all on this. How would a supanet account work through a windows mail server?


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