E mail sending problems

  Mumcookie 21:15 24 Jun 09

I am not sure how to report this but here goes. I have logged onto my office server from my home computer for about a year and had no problems sending e-mails. In the last few weeks I have found I can log on and read my e-mails but when I try to reply the reply button is "grayed out" i.e. not available for me to select. If I leave it then after a while it becomes active. What is happening ?

  Technotiger 21:38 24 Jun 09

Maybe your Temp files need a good clear-out, or perhaps your outbox/inbox's need the same!

  Mumcookie 08:47 26 Jun 09

Thanks, if only it were that simple. I clear my temp files out monthly and my outbox/inbox every fortnight, but thanks for trying as it is driving me mad.

  Clapton is God 09:33 26 Jun 09

Does your office not have an IT support department which you can ask about this problem?

  Mumcookie 11:54 26 Jun 09

I do have an IT department but this is only happening on my home computer if I log on through my laptop all is OK. The office have suggested a few things but they didn't work and i live to far from the office to get someone out hence why i have turned to this forum who have been brilliant in the past.

  Technotiger 15:06 26 Jun 09

Try re-setting your email account within your mail program, just as if you were setting up a new account.

And/or run something like click here or similar, could just be a glitch in the Registry.

  Mumcookie 16:19 26 Jun 09

Sounds like a plan but ......can you explain a bit more what I need to do please ?

  Technotiger 16:26 26 Jun 09

OK - try the Reg Cleaner first - just install and run Ccleaner in its default settings, that is, run it without making any changes. When it has finished, re-start your computer.

If that has not made any difference, then re-set your Account preferences in your email program (just as if you were setting up the account for the first time), I am assuming you are using Outlook or Outlook Express.

  Mumcookie 16:56 26 Jun 09

I have tried the Ccleaner which didn't help. I cannot remember how to re-set my account preferences as it is so long ago since I set up the occount first time. I am using Outlook web access

  Technotiger 17:08 26 Jun 09

I use a totally different email program, so cannot advise you directly from my own experience - however, you may find this useful click here

  Rahere 17:13 26 Jun 09

This is server based, accessed through a browser so you have no control over the settings - I suspect barring any login issues the problem lies with your company's IT department

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