E-Mail rejection

  Rubroy 11:08 10 Jan 03
  Rubroy 11:08 10 Jan 03

I have received an e-mail from a friend in South Africa attaching family photographs. The attachment carries the suffix .MIX and took several minutes to receive. Above the name of the sender in the message box was the message "OE removed access to the following attachments in your mail: grandma,grandad and grandkids.mix"

I am using Outlook Express 6.

Any ideas on this anyone please?

  dth 11:23 10 Jan 03

OE 6 is set to automatically block attachments that 'potentially' might cause problems. If you were expecting the email and attachments - you can switch of the protection by:-

starting OE / clicking on tools / then options / then security / taking the tick out of the box

  Mac & Beth 11:45 10 Jan 03

Also hit the Forward button and you'll be able to save the file from the new copy created.

  DieSse 12:30 10 Jan 03

Out of interest, .mix files are from Microsoft Photodraw, which you will need to open them.

  Rubroy 14:28 11 Jan 03

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for your interest and help. It looks as if I shall have to get a copy of MS Photodraw and/or tell my correspondent to use a better known system - like sending e-Mail pictures on a Word document! I don't think I shall risk opening the suspect mail on principle! I always delete anything I am not happy about - curiosity killed the cat!


  graham 14:32 11 Jan 03

Jpeg is the most common type of file for pictures. Cheaper if they converted at their end.

  watchful 14:37 11 Jan 03

I think you'll be quite safe doing as dth suggests above as long as you have a good regularly up-dated virus protection programme.


  Rubroy 22:13 13 Apr 03

Yesterday I had the same problem with a rejected e-mail attachment. I returned to OE Opening page later and did as suggested and bingo! Thanks again folks


  anchor 09:18 14 Apr 03

mix files are also created in Microsoft Picture-It.

They are always very large. You can also use either Microsoft programme to convert to jpg`s. Whichever your friend has, they can use it to convert to jpg. The default is mix, so probably this is why mix was sent.

  Rubroy 15:13 08 May 03

Thanks to everyone for the help. I have since seen several other queries on this subject. Note to Mac& Beth : Page 147, Helpline. PCA Jun 2003 issue says the same thing! Must be mind reading!

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