e-mail (receiving) prob with Yahoo

  Furkin 21:31 15 Dec 06

Hi all,
I have just found out that I am not receiving my e-mails. I use BT.Yahoo & XP.
I can send o.k.
I just spoke to someone who sent me a couple of e-mails over the past couple of days,,,, but I havn't got them (they have clicked on 'reply' to mine, & tried typing in address - to no avail)
I have just sent two messages out & sent me a CC. They didn't arrive either,,,,,, but I did find them in the TRASH folder.
I have sent myself messages,,,, hoping that they would also find their way to the trash, but so far - they havn't !
As far as I can recall, I havn't touched anything that might effect this. It was perfect up until a couple of days ago.
Any suggestions please ?

  kinger 21:54 15 Dec 06

If you have BT Internet email address you need to set OE to authenticate the server connection.

Go into Tools/Accounts and Mail. Click on each BT account and select Properties. In the Servers tab, make sure that the box is checked alongside

"My server requires authentication".

  Furkin 22:19 15 Dec 06

Thanks Kinger,
Some of my 3rd party accounts were already checked,,, some wern't.
I certainly didn't alter any of them over the past few days (it is a personal home computer)
I have now checked them all & sent myself a message - which was recived o.k thanks.
Can you tell me why some of mine went to Trash ? I would have thought that if anything, they would have gone to Bulk ?!
I have probably deleted my missing messages whilst in Trash,,, & of course I have no idea what other messages have gone astray. Is there a way that I can look for them on the BT hub do you know ?
Do you know why this might have happened at all ? As I say, some were checked & some not, & have been for a while.
many thanks again

  dewskit 12:02 16 Dec 06

I had the same a while ago. Contacted BT online help and the following advice was given. This cured my problem. Just why my friends had been changed to blocked I still do not know!

Please login to your e-mail account and set the “Spam Guard” is “ON”
from the Bulk folder. I request you to follow the steps given below to
check whether any e-mail address is blocked from your end:

1. Login to your Account using BT Yahoo! e-mail address.
2. Click on ‘Options’(right top corner).
3. Click on ‘Filters’.
4. Click on ‘Add’ button.
5. Select ‘does not contain’ from the ‘To/Cc header’ dropdown menu
6. Type your BT E-mail Address in the ‘To/Cc field’ .
7. From the ‘Move the message to:’ dropdown menu select ‘Trash’ folder.
8. Click on ‘Add Filter’.

If you are not getting the e-mail messages from particular e-mail
address, I request you to check whether the e-mail address has been blocked
by the steps given below:

1. Login to your account using the BT Yahoo! e-mail address.
2. Click on ‘Options’.
3. Click on ‘Block Addresses’
4. Check whether the e-mail address is available from which you are not
getting e-mail.
5. If so, select the e-mail address and click on ‘Remove Block’.

  Furkin 10:48 17 Dec 06

Thanks dewskit,
I checked the blocked list & did find a couple of entries that shouldn't be there. How they got on the list I have no idea. Now removed - thanks.

Talking of B.T,,,, Have you any idea how I can receive 3rd party messages within Yahoo ?

I had 3/4 names previously on Supanet & V21. They are still set up in my Yahoo, & I can send messages using Yahoo (giving 3rd party addresses) but can no longer receive them.

I have tried & tried following B.T's details but I can't get things to work now. As I say, it used to be fine - all of a sudden - the incoming just stopped !

Don't worry if not.

all the best

  dewskit 20:46 20 Dec 06

Sorry Furkin,

But only just found your last posting.
Pleased that the BT advice helped you - like you I still do not know how the names became blocked!

Sorry I can't help with your other query, have never tried the messaging service!

Regards, and Christmas Greetings!


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