E-Mail problems

  freaky 15:50 08 Apr 08

I have a LAN network of two PC's, use Outlook Express V6.0, XP (SP2)and two e-mail addresses one for personal use and the other for business mail. I am using NTL as my ISP.

Recently I have had problems with my business e-mail, the other one is OK.

I can send e-mails but they are not received,and I don't get any error messages ! Also e-mails sent to me are not being received.

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to myself using the business address on this PC and it arrived OK.

Does anybody know what could be the cause ?

  Ditch999 16:34 08 Apr 08

Is your business address a domain name or is it a variation of your personal email address?

  freaky 16:44 08 Apr 08

It's one I got from NTL a few years ago, and the password is a variation of my personal address i.e. H02......as opposed to H01.....


  Ditch999 16:48 08 Apr 08
  anniesboy 16:54 08 Apr 08

Do you have anti-virus /anti-spyware that monitors email in and out?
If so it might be worth disabling then trying a send.

  freaky 17:40 08 Apr 08

Thanks for the replies. In answer to Ditch999.....yes, after the @ they are the same.

As regards Spam Filters or A/V, I don't think that could be the cause.

I did contact NTL last week and an 'Indian Gentlemen' said the fault was due to a particular Server and it would be repaired on 6th April but evidently not done yet !

I will be back on line at 18.30 so please accept my apologies for any delays in replying.

  freaky 19:21 08 Apr 08

I'm back.

I just sent an email using my Business Address to my Personal Address and it arrived OK.

When I sent another using my Personal Address to Business Address it did not arrive !!!

  freaky 19:23 09 Apr 08

Spoke to NTL this morning and the problem was due to the Account Name for the Business e-mail was incorrect. It should have been the characters before the @ of the Business e-mail address.

As a result I had 110 e-mails arrive!!!

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