E mail pictures blank

  loaders 11:58 20 Apr 06

I received an Email which had been forwarded to me from a friend which had a number of photos within the body of the E mail(not as attatchments)which I had no problem with,they were all exellent pictures.I fowarded the E mail onto another friend but when he opened the E mail where the photos should have been was a blank square with a small box in the left corner with a red cross in it.Any ideas what his problem is and how to overcome it would be appreciated.

  Genius1 13:10 20 Apr 06

Some service providers prevent images from appearing in some emails to help protect security (I know Wanadoo does this with my recieved emails). Try asking your friend to right clicking on where the image should be and select something like 'download photo' or similar to be able to see the image. Otherwise, I would suggest you save the images and add them as attachments and then forward the email.

  Genius1 10:28 21 Apr 06

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  loaders 17:39 21 Apr 06

Genius 1,
Thanks for your help,in fact I mentioned the problem to the friend who had sent me the original and he did exactlly as you said,he saved them,converted them to jpeg and sent them to my friend as attachments and he had no problems.I think now that the problem he had was due to him changing to XP recently and he is with wanadoo and may have the security enabled as you said.Anyway he is sorted now thanks for your interest.

  Genius1 18:37 21 Apr 06

No problem - glad I could help!

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