An e-mail oddity or was it me?

  jack 09:41 10 Jan 06

I sent a mail with insterted Jpeg asking then to make a selection [atleast thats what I think I did!]

They responded with an - " Er what was that?"
So I repeated it the message this time same image as an attahcment.

When later I looked in my 'sent' box at the original message
Instead of the said inserted image, all that went out seemingly was


So what happened there do you think?

XP pro - Mozilla Thunderbird.

  wotbus@ 10:00 10 Jan 06

Hello jack. I use M T.Bird and send images regularly. I suspect you just got the process wrong. Assuming you have your email "write" page open and you are in the text box, go to the top and click Insert/Attach > select Image > a box opens named Image Properties. Click Browse > navigate to the image(s) you want to send and just select them. The image should arrive in the Image Properties box together with the path to the image. Select Don't use alternate text > click OK. The image is now in the email text body or attached depending on what you chose. Incidentally, with the image showing in the Image Properties box, if you click on Advanced you can resize the image to suit your needs. When you slick send you will be prompted with a box which says HTML Mail Question? Click Send in Plain Text and HTML > then click Send. That should do it ;-)

  jack 10:31 10 Jan 06

Thanx Wotbus
That is exactly what I do - all the time
This time - it didn't do what I told it- thats the puzzle

  wotbus@ 11:00 10 Jan 06

Oh ;-) Have you tried emailing an image to yourself?

  spuds 11:24 10 Jan 06

jack-just one of the oddities of the internet. Bit like sending an email, that's returned in gobbledygook.

  jack 11:50 10 Jan 06

Yes I know, yet another mystery I guess.
Thinking further though the action of inserting a file is entirly [as far as the way I work] mouse driven
Insert-click-File click -File type click -Locate file click[Systen remembers where images for e-mail are previously prepared and stored] ingore word associaion click

no keyboard activity at all - yer we got */-

Oh well life must go on - stop scratching bald nut!

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