E-mail Monitoring

  Legslip 22:36 22 Jul 08

I have suspicions that higher management are monitoring my internal e-mails. They have no permission or authority to do so. Can I check in any way via outlook who is opening my e-mails?

  peter99co 22:39 22 Jul 08

Send an interesting msg and see if you any funny looks from the boss.

  grey george 22:45 22 Jul 08

No if there picking them off the internal mail server you wouldn,t know. Depending on company policy they may not need permission or authority.
You could send a few to your self with reply requested set so that if they mess up and click yes you will be aware.

  Covergirl 22:57 22 Jul 08

. . . if line managers have reason to suspect excessive working time is being spent conducting social emailing, trading, passing on joke or offensive content etc. that persons email file is copied to disc for scrutiny by a personnel manager.

Nobody has to be told they are being monitored, but the company guidelines state various "thou must nots" which leave the person in no doubt as to exactly what they can and cannot do.

Legslip - if you're worried about what is in your emails, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

  Legslip 22:58 22 Jul 08

Will try wot U say. There is no policy of monitoring e-mails. They are on dodgy ground. Reply requested? Do you mean Read Receipt?

  grey george 21:05 23 Jul 08

Yes request read receipt. When they open the email a box will open saying you have a requested a receipt, they can choose not to but you might catch them out. That is why I said send it to youself using the send only option. If you send and receive I will come straight back to you.

  silverous 10:05 24 Jul 08

If you check your employment contract/acceptable use policy I think you'll find that they are permitted to do so. If you have note been advised that they may monitor email, then I believe they are acting outside the law.

It is fairly common for email filters to be in place to enforce acceptable usage policies - we have one and it routinely flags up potentially suspicious email activity e.g. files with too many attachments, multimedia files (our business has little use of them) etc.. Read receipt probably won't help because email filters typically don't send receipts back and some mail programs allow people to choose not to send one.

  silverous 10:06 24 Jul 08

sorry "note been advised"="not been advised"

  silverous 10:08 24 Jul 08

Interestingly I've just noticed you mention specifically internal emails...often email filtering is done at the gateway to the outside world as internal email I think is seen of less of a problem. Internal emails can be monitored via log files and you would be completely unaware of that happening, you don't say what makes you believe that your emails are being read? Is it sent or received or both? New emails arriving and immediately showing as "read" is a good indication as someone reading your email will often forget to mark them as unread!

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